Paying for Services

p-women2We charge on a sliding-scale system, which means that we adjust our rates according to your income. We also work with Badger Care, Medicaid and other programs.

We’re not a “free clinic” — we don’t receive enough funding and grants to provide free services. We do keep our services low cost and affordable. Therefore, we depend on our patients to both pay what they can, as well as use our services responsibly.

Keeping your appointments and calling ahead of time is greatly appreciated and helps our limited staff handle as many patients as possible. If you can’t afford birth control or an exam, come and see us. We’ll work with you. If you can’t afford condoms, just stop by and ask. You can’t afford to neglect one of the most important aspects of your life- your sexual health. We’re here to help!

If you can’t afford birth control or an exam, you may qualify for assistance that will cover the cost of your services, including STD testing and birth control. We are also a provider for Medicaid Family Planning, and Badgercare. Call us or come in and talk to us, we’ll work things out.

If you were happy with the services you received, please consider leaving a donation to help cover the cost of services.  Donations of any size can make a sizable difference!

To sign up for coverage for family planning and STD services, stop by our clinic sites or visit