Get Involved


At Neighborhood Health Partners, we rely on the generosity of volunteers from our neighborhood (e.g., students, community members, etc.). We offer many different volunteer opportunities to connect your interests and skills with the needs of the clinic and our work. Some of our volunteer opportunities include:

  • Clinic Support Intern
  • Outreach and Education Volunteer
  • Marketing and Social Media Support Volunteer
  • Consider serving on our advisory committee that meets three times a year.  

Are you good at planning events and finding support dollars in our community?  We can always use ideas on how we can connect with donors and supporters.  

We value connecting our volunteers in a meaningful way to the important work that we do every day.

We can’t guarantee that any volunteer positions will be available, but we encourage you to reach out to learn more.

If you are inspired by our mission and are interested in volunteering at Neighborhood Health Partners, please contact us at 1-877-449-7422.